KOHHFI was conceptualized in 2009 when ANGELINA BALBALOZA with her 5 kids came and asked for help and were taken in. Her house was shattered by a storm. She also had emotional problems.

Then, in 2010 several underprivileged were brought to CBBC-Los Baños.

  • DUTADO SIBLINGS were brought by their now deceased mother, Edenzita in June 14. Edenzita was abandoned by her husband leaving with her their five girls. Her eldest, Aileen, was only 13 years old then. Her siblings were: Aireen, 11 years of age; Anna May, 11 years old; Angelica 6 years old; and Azenith was 3 years old then.
  • NANAY DANG or Candida, an adult maiden who could barely walk, was brought from the hospital to CBBC-Los Baños at 4:30 pm in July 28 by MSWD of Los Baños head, Mrs. Minda Alvarez.
  • IMMANUEL GARCIA, teenager, was brought in August 4. He had battered marks on his head and could barely talk. He was alleged to have come from Cavite.
  • RJ and DANICA MIJARES were also brought to CBBC-Los Baños in December 7. Both of their parents were imprisoned.

All of them are no longer with KOHHFI as they had been given a brand new life.

  • The DUTADOS left for Quezon in 2018 to be with their estranged biological father. Three of them are now working and able to support themselves.
  • Nanay Dang left in 2011 as she was then fit to work again. She passed away some years later.
  • Immanuel left the premises without notice two weeks after he was taken in.
  • The Mijares siblings are now reunited with their parents, who were released from prison.