Santino S. Malaga

Name:  Santino S. Malaga

Date of Birth: January 11, 2010

Sex: Male

Name of Father: Saturnino Malaga

Name of Mother: Nieves Sabarias

Nationality: Filipino

Address: Brgy. Tagumpay, Bay, Laguna

Child’s General Information to Sponsor:

Santino is energetic, outgoing and loves to play. He is the younger brother of Princess. He also grew in the streets for food and received battered marks from physical abuse. Her father died in an accident while his mother left them to their relatives. Thus, DSWD brought him under the care of KOHHFI in June 2017. Unlike his sister, Santino is a temperamental child and somewhat requires special attention, patience, and understanding from adults. With the help of the church and school, his behavioral and attitude problems are being addressed. Santino now shows improvement in speech, proper hygiene and behavior. He is now on his 1st grade at Sceptre College and is also involved in the Junior Choir of Christian Bible Baptist Church Los Banos (CBBCLB).

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