Princess S. Malaga

Name:  Princess S. Malaga

Date of Birth: February 20, 2008

Sex: Female

Name of Father: Saturnino Malaga

Name of Mother: Nieves Sabarias

Nationality: Filipino

Address: Brgy. Tagumpay, Bay, Laguna

Child’s General Information to Sponsor:

Princess is an active girl who responsibly does her chores every day. She is friendly and gets along well with the other children in the foundation. She is from a very poor family. Her father died in an accident while working on a construction site. Her mother was illiterate and does not have the means to support her. Princess was always found roaming in the streets for food. Thus, in July 2017, the DSWD sent her to KOHHFI for education, food and shelter. Princess and her brother have been living at KOHHFI for one year already. She is studying at Sceptre College and is happily serving the Lord through singing in the Junior Choir Ministry of Christian Bible Baptist Church Los Banos (CBBCLB).

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