Kimuel T. Malinog

Name:  Kimuel T. Malinog

Date of Birth:

Sex: Male

Name of Mother: Elizabeth Malinog

Name of Father: Elizer Malinog

Nationality: Filipino

Health Condition: Hearing Impaired

Child’s General Information to Sponsor:

Kimuel is an 11-year-old boy who is born deaf.  He is a bright, confident and independent child. He once lived in a family of eight. His father and mother were illiterate. His family is very poor and could not support his special education needs. So, his mother decided to bring him under the custody of KOHHFI for his education. Since then, he has been enrolled at the Special Education Department of Christian Bible Baptist Academy Los Banos (CBBALB) for already 4 years.

Kimuel shows remarkable improvements in his communication and behavior. He no longer throws temper tantrums when separated from his mother. He is now fast in picking up finger spellings and can communicate effectively through sign language. He now seems to be interested in his studies and performs excellently in his class. He is now on his 5th grade at CBBALB and is also happy to sing through sign language in the Junior Choir Ministry of CBBCLB.

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