Angel Kyle Habilito

Name:  Angel Kyle Habilito

Date of Birth: May 9, 2007

Sex: Female

Name of Mother: Melody Habilito

Name of Father: Unknown

Nationality: Filipino

Health Condition:

Child’s General Information to Sponsor:

Angel is a temperamental but sweet little girl. She is talkative and energetic and loves to mingle with other people and even strangers. She is very helpful with the other children and loves to make new friends. She is the older sister of Happy. She is from a very poor family and her mother is deceased and her father was imprisoned. Her relatives have nothing to provide for her. She is of a very low class and suffers from the discrimination. Angel now lives at KOHHFI and is enrolled at Sceptre College. She is also enjoying to sing in the Junior Choir Ministry of Christian Bible Baptist Church Los Banos. 

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