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On November 2016, SHEENA was brought by MSWD.

Maricris Lobas

On February 14, MARICRIS LOBAS with her 4

Jomar Diaz

On August 19 the Barangay Captain of Masapang,

Jaycob delos Santos

In June of this year, Jaycob delos Santos,

Jexter “Bullet” Encio

On December 20, 2015 JEXTER “BULLET” ENCIO was

Princess S. Malaga

Name:  Princess S. Malaga Date of Birth: February

Santino S. Malaga

Name:  Santino S. Malaga Date of Birth: January

Kimuel T. Malinog

Name:  Kimuel T. Malinog Date of Birth: Sex:

Angel Kyle Habilito

Name:  Angel Kyle Habilito Date of Birth: May

Felicity Fiona H. Navarette

Date of Birth: September 28, 2008 Sex: Female